Our Commitments

Welcome America specializes solely in the treatment of DS-2019 requests to obtain the J-1 visa.

Visa applications often involve lots of administration and the transfer of information between different parties : candidate, the employer and the sponsor. Through its website, its simplified procedures and personalized assistance service, Welcome America is committed to simplifying the visa application process, dealing with your case quickly and efficiently.


We promise to

  • Answer your questions about feasibility, steps, documents and procedures.
  • Help assemble the application file for the DS-2019 to the standards required by the sponsor and the U.S. State Department.
  • Coordonner les démarches avec les sponsors Intrax ou InterExchange.
  • Check the feasibility of applications.
  • Délivrer le DS-2019 après validation du dossier complet (by candidate and employer)*. Warning, putting the file together may take several weeks.
  • Assist in the preparation of a mandatory appointment at the Embassy.


However, do remember that…

  • Welcome America does not issue the J-1 visa issue directly, but does issue the DS-2019 needed to apply for one.
    Only American consular authorities are empowered to issue a valid J-1 visa. C’est notre sponsor qui a la décision finale quant à la faisabilité de votre demande.
  • Welcome America cannot in any way commit the time needed to obtain an appointment at the U.S. Embassy.
    The candidate is the sole person responsible for making appointments and should check with the Embassy for the next available dates (careful, times vary quite regularly).


* Warning : A file is considered complete after the validation of required documents, payment for the service and after the visit to the company (if required). The completion of the file will take between 2 and 6 weeks, depending on the responsiveness of your host U.S. company.