Visit the host company

The U.S. State Department, since July 2007 (amended in March 2012), requires agencies to sponsor a visit to the U.S. host company if it has fewer than 25 employees and has an annual turnover of less than 3 million. Since March 2012, if one of the two criteria is satisfied, this visit is no longer required.

Cette visite vous sera facturée etre 250 and 290 euros mais votre employeur n’aura aucun frais. Your employer will be contacted by a local sponsor at a convenient time.

Please note :

  • If your company has previously hosted American students with sponsor InterExchange ou Intrax, this visit will not be necessary..
  • Government services are generally exempt from this system.
  • Cette visite est généralement effectuée par InterExchange ou Intrax rapidement mais nous vous donnerons un délai approximatif au moment du transfert de votre dossier au sponsor.