American Social Security

Do not confuse the French Social Security with the U.S. Social Security because they share the same name !

U.S. Social Security does not "reimburse" medical expenses, it mainly pays pensions for retired or disabled people.

Participants in an exchange program do not need to pay social security taxes.

The employer should not take it off from your salary. The subtractions made under "Social Security" or "FICA", if any subtractions are made, must be given back.

Although the candidate is not subject to Social Security tax, il doit néanmoins obtenir un numéro de Sécurité Sociale ainsi qu’une carte de Sécurité Sociale si son stage est rémunéré. Votre employeur sera en mesure de vous aiguiller pour vous aider à l’obtenir dès votre arrivée.

This number is very important, because it allows you to identify yourself in U.S. territory. It will also allow you to perform actions such as: renting an apartment, opening a bank account, and buying a car, among others.

You shall receive a card with its identification number within three weeks.


  • So that the social security office can deliver you your identification card , you must register your arrival on American soil.
  • For this, vous devrez avoir effectué l’activation de votre SEVIS, a simple procedure of registering your arrival with the sponsor. Les détails pour faire ce check-in vous seront fournis à la fin de votre procédure d’inscription.
  • It takes about 3 days to save this check-in, so you should go to the office of Social Security the week of your arrival.