Medical Insurance

Tous les candidats d’America Welcome sont assurés par Envisage Global Insurance.

When a participant is treated by a doctor, he does not need to fill a refund sheet (equivalent to a sheet of care in France) because the physician will be reimbursed directly by the insurance company. This is a very rare agreement for the U.S. medical system, and therefore is a real opportunity for participants.

In addition, any expense which would be advanced by a candidate, will be able to follow the status of the reimbursement by internet. So the system will know when the refund will be credited and when the emails have been received and processed.

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  • The registration file holds a copy of the summary of the insurance's policy.
  • La carte d’assuré sera envoyée par mail à votre arrivée sur place.
  • This insurance is compulsory and non-dissociable of the rest of the delivery, even if the candidate has a different type of medical coverage (via credit card or a mutual for example).

A note about the insurance

  • Insurance underwritten by the sponsor is valid from the first to the last day of your internship, whose dates are determined by the documents of the file.
  • Notre sponsor Interexchange vous couvre pour les 30 jours suivant la date de fin de stage.
  • Notre sponsor Intrax vous couvre pendant les 30 jours précédents votre stage.
  • Pensez donc à souscrire à une assurance pour les périodes attenantes à votre stage.