SEVIS stands for Student and Exchange Visitor Information System.

This system allows management of files over the Internet tracing the path of students or participants in an exchange program since the inception of their file until the end of their program.

Since the 15 February 2003, students and participants in an exchange program are required to obtain a SEVIS registration number. Otherwise, a visa cannot be delivered. All of the DS-2019 forms issued from the 15 February 2003 must comply with SEVIS requirements.

Since September 1st 2004, all foreign students and participants in an exchange program (visas J-1 included) where the DS-2019 forms have been issued since this date, must pay a SEVIS registration fee. Only the primary cardholder is subject to this requirement. The spouse and children are exempt.

America's Most Welcome

  • Many organizations sponsor will provide the registration number but will not pay the SEVIS payment that goes with it. It will be up to you to make this payment ($180) in addition to the fees already paid.
  • America Welcome already includes payment of SEVIS in its fares. You won't approach, nor pay additional payment.


  • Welcome America will take care of this formality and the payment for you to make the process go faster.
  • You receive a receipt of payment made with the DS-2019.